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WELCOME TO akin district 91

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It is an honor and privilege to serve as superintendent at Akin School District. Our district is committed to bringing out the best in each and every child and recognizes that strong schools are the foundation of a strong community.

The Akin School District has one central goal, to help each of our students achieve their highest personal potential. In Akin, we believe in our children, in their potential and their talent.  We believe that each child is special, and we pledge to provide them a good education.

As educators, our efforts are based on four areas of focus: student achievement, safety, diversity, and partnerships. Our instructional program is innovative, creative, and progressive so that we can best serve the different learning strengths and learning styles of our students. We are ever mindful that we are preparing our young men and women to live and work in an increasingly complex and challenging global society. When they leave our schools, they must be prepared to take their rightful places in our community and in the larger world. We have parents who are interested and engaged in their children's education, many of who volunteer their services.  


In Akin, we care about our students and with your support we can help our students succeed!



Dr. Tammy McCollum


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