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Teacher Helping Student
Informed and Engaged with the Parent Portal


Parent Portal is an online tool to help parents stay informed and engaged with access to view student’s performance.

  • monitor student progress and communicate with teachers

  • real-time notifications alert to new grades and attendance as well as important class announcements and reminders

  • calendars provide a view of student workloads to help parents help students stay on track and manage their time  

  • easily access important documents like IEPs

  • enable one-on-one correspondence with teachers to discuss student progress and growth

Parent Portal Info


Positive Benefits of Parent Involvement


Today, being involved in your child's school life is critically important. Being part of your PTO is a great way to stay informed and involved. It’s not just the students who benefit, either; parents, teachers, and schools come out ahead.

Contact the school office to find out more information.

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Children with parents who are involved in their education are more likely to:

  • Earn better grades.

  • Score higher on tests.

  • Attend school regularly.

  • Have better social skills.

  • Show improved behavior.

  • Be more positive in their attitude toward school.

  • Complete homework assignments.

  • Graduate and continue their education.


Parents who are involved in their children’s education are more likely to:

  • Be more confident at school.

  • Be more confident in themselves as parents and in their abilities to help their children learn.

  • Be held in higher esteem by teachers.

  • Continue their own education.


Schools with highly involved parents are more likely to have:

  • Better morale among teachers.

  • Higher ratings of teachers by parents.

  • More support from families.

  • A better reputation in the community.



School Closings
Look for Notifications for School Closings


In the event that school must be cancelled, an All-Call will be sent to registered parent phone numbers. 

Notification will be posted on the Akin Grade School Facebook page.
Tune in to WSIL TV Channel 3 News for school closing announcements.
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